How To Play Three-Card Poker

Three-card poker is an interesting game allowing us to choose two different playing styles which are the Pair Plus game and the Ante and Play game. All are played with a standard desk and 52 cards. In addition, players have optional choice whether to bet on his two hands or not.

Each game in the three-card poker has different rules. With the first game which is the Pair Plus game, player has three cards and his mission is to put them into serviceable hand. If his hands are accepted, they would be paid with the following rates: pair is 1:1; flush is 4:1, straight is 6:1, three of a kind is 3-:1 and finally a straight flush is 40:1 ratio. Apart from the dealer’s cards or hands, others are permitted and the best hand would bring the highest benefit.

With the second game, the Ante and Play Game, player has to place a bet before receiving three cards. Experienced player would know that they have two options which is to raise the bet and put an equal pet on the ante, otherwise to fold and lose both the pair plus and the ante and play hand. It is highly recommended that once you win your Pair Plus, you should sacrifice the ant and play hand to prevent the loss if the banker wins.

Possible Scenarios

There are diverse possibilities regarding the mixture of the ante and play hard. First, you get the ante with the ratio 1:1 as well as the play wager if the dealer loses and does not have a good hand. In case the dealer has good hand but he still fails, the ratio 1:1 is applied for both the play and the ante. Once the dealer has a good hand and he defeat you, then the bank owns both the ante and the play. Finally, if the dealer go and play against you, then both the play and the ante are marked push.

This three-card poker game is preferred by many players since not only it is easy to play, but dealers have two chances to win in just one game. Furthermore, this game is also available in both land-based casinos and online casinos.